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Good evening.

I greet you all warmly, and I hope that you all are well.

The world we live in is constantly changing. We all see changes, and we express ourselves regarding what changes we object to. This is an undervalued human right, and is protected in the United States by the First Amendment of our Constitution. There are many people who object to the directions that our planet’s societies take from time to time. There are people who protest the abortion of unborn fetuses. There are citizens who work to protect the Earth’s environment. There are millions who protest governments sending armies to fight each other. There are droves who want less restricted gun rights. There are those who are activists for religious freedom, and there are more and more beyond.

We are none of the above.

We, the new LibertyIsForEveryone.com, are human rights activists. We are civil rights protestors. We are the resistance’s online newspaper. We do everything we can to fight for liberty, guided by the Non-Aggression Principle, for literally everyone. Human rights have no borders, and WE ALL should be free. It is critical that WE ALL unite for EVERYONE’s freedom. Your liberty should be just as bountiful and unwavering as the starving child in Uganda; the ex-convict’s freedom the same as the CEO. Any given black male in America who drives a rusty Ford Pinto should be just as free as the racist white man who is chauffeured in his Bentley, and everything vice-versa.


The key to freedom is not equal opportunity, equal standard of living, or even equal treatment under law: the key to freedom is the idea that each and every human has equal authority over each other. That is to say, since everyone has equal authority over each other, no one has authority, and every human interaction must necessarily be voluntary.

This is a fight that has no winners, except for our entire species. I believe that we, as the innovative beings we are, have the ability to evolve beyond the need for petty rule by a distant government; I hope you believe we can too.

OK, since more than likely everyone who finds freedom to be disgusting has perished from the previous words or simply closed this page by now, we can really get down to business.


Our new website, LibertyIsForEveryone.com, is a homepage stuffed with the latest videos from liberty activists across the globe. We are always looking for good liberty channels to be featured on the homepage, and we are asking for the best YouTube liberty activists to join. The LibertyIsForEveryone network will engage more cross-traffic between YouTube channels; that is to say, we will all learn more and reach more of the sheeple faster when we work together, freely share content, and promote each other. If you are interested as a channel owner, please email Contact@LibertyIsForEveryone.com or visit our Contact Us page.


Additionally, our blog, accessible from our homepage or by clicking ‘posts’ in the navigation bar above, contains all of our latest news, editorials, rants, and other content. We are also looking for talented writers who would like to add more articles in the name of liberty. If you are interested as a writer/blogger/journalist/author, please email Contact@LibertyIsForEveryone.com or visit our Contact Us page.

Our freedom is taken every day; please do your best to not delay.

47 thoughts on “About LIFE”

  1. Hello fellow freedom loving citizens of theses great United States of America!

    We have a much to do in the up coming year. The “Doom-berg” crew is out in full force & they are trying to strip our rights any way they can. I don’t have all the answers, but I bet some of you have great ideas on how we can push back against these “foes of freedom”?

    Please post them here or post about any other ideas you have concerning maintaining our freedoms as law abiding citizens. 😉

    As the old saying goes: “The twig is easily broken, while the bundle is strong.”

  2. An after thought: there is a certain forum that claims thousands of members. In truth most the users are there for the classified section, IMHO. Will Michigancarries.org have a classified section?

    1. Might that take away from the purpose of this site though? Not sure.
      Classifieds are awesome, since ebay and amazon don’t do guns anymore as far as I’m aware… but i’m on the fence.

    1. We always like having more people if we can.
      Email us your email address and we can let you know about upcoming walks.
      I’m also going to post the details here.

      1. Not trying to be a pain but in your latested video your group was telling people it is legal to open carry THATS GREAT but not once did i here anyone say to any of these people that its legal if you dont have a felony charge.

        1. We did tell some folks that, or we said ‘if it is legal to own it is legal to carry’… As a felon it isn’t legal to own firearms. The thing it is hard to see in the video is that the cards/literature we hand out for people to get more detailed information does explain this.

  3. The message is right, but they way you are carrying yourselves out on the streets is coming off as an angry parade of gun toting thugs, in my opinion. I open carry, and conceal carry, and I fully support our gun rights. In the 5 videos that I watched, I heard a lot of swearing, a lot of talking over people when they expressed their concern or asked why you we’re all carrying, you all spread out for intimidation purposes, there are always insults about the cops and other snide remarks toward them, and you do not represent yourselves as if you are a peaceful group. Drawing attention to yourselves to exercise your right can be done without being so negative. I love my guns, but the way you are presenting them to uneducated citizens is going to add to the fear of guns that we all know exists. The element of surprise with a rude demeanor is drawing the wrong kind of attention than what you say you want, “to educate people of their rights”. Why not advertise for an educational assembly, where you can calmly and politely explain to people what you are doing? I think it would be more effective as a way to get people to listen. Just my thoughts, as I know from teaching cpl classes that the whole subject is serious and shouldn’t be portrayed as a game.

    1. Not sure which videos you’ve watched, but there’s a couple of variables at play, and every situation is different and sometimes has context that isn’t in the posted video.
      That in mind, we have tried to be mindful of our language and such in more recent videos, as the channel has become more popular, but usually that sort of banter is amongst ourselves, not while we’re talking to an interested member of the public.
      I appreciate your constructive criticism, we’re always looking for ways to improve our methods. Our stated goal of educating people about their rights and freedom is absolutely our primary goal.
      Believe me, none among us believe it is anything close to a game.

      1. Have you as a group, tried advertising for an assembly for a future date? This type of announcement would take the surprise out of seeing people walking down the street armed with assault rifles. To some of us who are comfortable with guns and use to handling them, this in itself isn’t scary at all. We should understand though, that not everyone has wanted, held, fired, or even seen these guns in person. That, is why the cops show up and are on high alert, frieghtened people who call and ask for their help. We can take a lot of the fear away from the general public, if this is all done tactfully. Thank you for replying so quickly and calmly! I’d love to see more people educated on not only their rights, but on gun carry laws, and most importantly fire arm safety.

        1. I’m not necessarily adverse to that idea, but no we have not.
          In my experience though, there are many people who are happy to hear what we have to say, many of whom would probably not otherwise have taken the time out of their day to come to an assembly but were willing to learn from us on the street.

          I think there is merit to both approaches.

          Thanks for the input. Stay free.

  4. I came across your blog on YouTube by mistake, but I’m glad I did. I truly appreciate seeing people take time out of their day to inform people of their rights, (the cops don’t do it) and i show your videos at work on our breaks all the time. it’s too bad that some people are so brainwashed they would rather wait on help from someone else instead of depending on themselves, a woman was raped in Detroit a few years ago, she called the police…. And they showed up… The next morning!! DEPEND On Self! why do you think it’s called SELF DEFENSE? KIRK

    1. Sorry for the delay, I try to check the comments more frequently.
      We weren’t specifically planning Port Huron, but its not out of the question. Some of our guys aren’t far from there.
      Have you had any issues out there?

      1. Not my town type due to him sayin “you people need to just let us do our job”. He wouldnt even give me his name or badge number and kept his arm over his name plate even after I told him that he is required to give his name but yet again he said “well if you wont give your name then im not giving mine. Im now starting to carry a camera with me when I oc walk.

  5. Had my gun taken from me I just bought two weeks ago, as I called 911 on 94 to report a medical emergency. Detained for an hour. I did not consent to search of my person or vehicle. Assaulted by female officer. Told by MSP officer, I can manually turn this camera and recording on and off… Got some of it on video.

  6. Hello ! Every one …. I am from Alaska its legally to carry my ak 47 and handgun . But not much carry my ak47 I leave it in my truck and locked on steel box .

  7. WOW, when I watched you’re video about coming to Muskegon, I was completely embarrassed by the way our officers conducted themselves…If you do decide to come back to Muskegon, or around West Michigan, and I hope you do, I would like to join you.

  8. I watched the “why cant we all be friends” video earlier, and also read the article/email. I definitely appreciate this type of mentallity. Why can’t we all be friends? In what way is it beneficial to either party if we just turn to arguing immediately? Some of us know more about our rights than others, and I believe greatly that law enforcement should be amongst us that do know them. Not only should they know the rights of the law abiding citizens, but they should also promote them. Having a badge does not change what those rights are. Having a badge does not grant you the rights to deny me mine. And having a badge does not make your life more valuable than ours.

    I wasn’t born in the United States, but I’ve had the priveledge and honor of becoming a citizen and having those rights. That is why my family is here. Don’t even try to deny that to us.

    Let’s all get along, live our lives, be peaceful, be free, and be safe. Badge or no badge.

      1. Can you please provide me with future walk dates so that I may join when I can? I’m not as knowledgeable as you guys,and will definitely benefit from the experience.

  9. Hey guys I’ve been watching all your videos on YouTube and fully support what your doing. I wish I could do the same here in New York State but open carry is illegal,concealed is almost impossible to get. They have also made assault weapons illegal meaning automatic AND semi auto rifles are banned.(with pistol grips and left handed grips) This state is violating our 2nd amendment right and something needs to change although I don’t know what I personally can do. Also in new york city you need a license just to buy a shotgun or rifle.

  10. Love the site! I only wish that you would be able to come to the north sometime. I would love to see the community educated that guns don’t kill.

  11. Hey! I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job of showing that people who choose to carry their firearms are not criminals nor are we (all) irresponsible or even exercising civil disobedience (as some have alleged). As a former US soldier, I thank you for standing up for what everyone serviceman has died to ensure is kept. I hope some day to see you all parading through Indiana, I’d gladly join you! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you, the support means a lot.
      Glad to see people appreciate what we do.

      We don’t normally operate in Indiana, but we do find ourselves there from time to time.

      Stay free, take care.

  12. You guys are so awesome for what you are doing I wish you can come here in New Jersey and exercise second amendment I would exercise it with you it’s so hard here they’ll put me in jail if I step foot out my door. I would love to be able to carry my firearm for protection where ever I go to protect me and my wife

    1. They’d arrest us too, sadly.
      As much as we agree that self defense is a right that should not be regulated, its tough to champion that from prison.
      What would be ideal is for us to see what is legal/you could get away with there, and perhaps start your own group. The more the merrier.
      Happy to help if that sounds of interest.

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