Michigan Open Carry Handbook

Open Carry Handbook – Michigan – Second Edition by R.B. Everett

This is a book that contains information you need to know to get started with Open Carry in Michigan, and information about where to find further resources on specific topics covered.

Open Carry Handbook – Second Edition

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5 thoughts on “Michigan Open Carry Handbook”

  1. I was wanting to know if i have to have a Michigan State ID or DL to buy a hand gun? I really think its cool what yall are doing, I am from NC but just moved here to Fenton MI thanks

    1. Unless you have a Michigan Concealed Pistol License, you’ll need a State ID or DL to get a purchase permit from the Police Department. You’ll need to do this to purchase from a private seller.
      If you have a CPL, you technically don’t, but if you’re buying from a shop and not an individual they’ll probably want to see one anyway.

      Welcome to Michigan, by the way.
      Let us know if you have any other questions. The handbook has a lot of useful info though.

  2. First off what you guys do here is a great thing, i live in the lansing Area and would love to see you guys make it out here, mainly Eaton county as we have truely to much corruption in the law enforcement positions ranging from the police to judges.

    God bless and continue the fight for not just our 2nd amendment, for all of them. Thank you and take care.

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