Know Before You Go

Must read to participate.

We are not a gun rights focused organization, we are a freedom focused organization. If you aren’t quite sure what we mean by that,
please take the 3 hours to listen to Adam Kokesh’s book called Freedom available free on youtube. We want to and do have a full spectrum of activists from anarcho capitalists to restore the republic libertarians, so we are not saying you must agree with all that, however it is very important to understand in a pure sense what freedom means.

What we as an organization do in our activism is a plethora of events, journalism, and public awareness regarding liberty. Our primordial and most prolific form of activism includes marching through the streets (oftentimes fully armed with rifles) in an effort to entice local residents to engage us in conversation about freedom and what a free society looks like. We welcome members of the community to join many of our events, and our events are usually extremely successful at reaching out to people who don’t understand what liberty really is.

Most importantly, know what you are doing with your weapons if you bring any. Read extensively through to understand conflict communications, read our book available free at, and if you need knowledge of firearms use a fabulous place to start is with the book Shoot To Live by EA Sykes and WE Fairbairn. The info there may be built on with Matt Temkin’s point shooting video. Both are available from Paladin Press, as are many other great movies and books. Ideally, take at least a couple training courses from reputable instructors as well, such as Suarez International or the Live Safe Academy.

If you don’t know how to use guns safely leave them at home and walk with us anyway! Same if you don’t own any. People do it all the time and we love it. Being armed is in no way required or even important.

We are not trying to look like we are in a war zone, quite the opposite we want to look friendly and approachable. Also, as people who are promoting liberty/the non aggression principle, we are in fact protesting needless wars. Please hide your armor under a jacket, spare mags on a belt are fine, as are bountiful mags in a backpack. Celebrate who you are as an individual and who and what other individuals are and represent, don’t celebrate the violence of statism and the wars it causes which is implicit to the public when they see a going to war vest. For exactly the same reason, if your armor rig and available outerwear can’t accommodate armor concealment, please avoid wearing morale patches and exposed mag pouches on your chest. Many of us wear plates on top of soft armor on these walks and suggest you do too, but please keep it hidden, and if you must wear it exposed please keep as modest an image as possible.

Please do not bring your long guns out until the very last possible moment before we begin walking. We do not want the image of bullies trying to scare local businesses. Which leads to the next point, please don’t carry long guns into businesses at any time ever, it’s unsafe, less effective in closed quarters and generally gives lgoc a legitimately bad image. If you need a food or restroom break, hand your long gun to another in the group while they wait well away from the business.

Please do not bring flags. Freedom is a worldwide movement and cause, not defined by arbitrary lines on a map and boundaries on the earth we can’t cross freely without being arrested or killed, which is exactly what flags represent. There is something to be said for the US’s founding principles, but it still can serve to miss the point we’re trying to make.

If we are stopped by the police, it is advisable not to talk to them at all unless for mandatory cpl disclosure while ccing, but the best plan of all is to oc only to avoid that altogether.

Bring reliable cameras. Video footage is paramount to protect yourself if the police get out of hand. A cell phone with Bambuser downloaded and ready, as well as a reliable camera like a Go Pro is standard on these walks for good reasons. Please be ready to be friendly with the public. We are out to make freedom exciting, enjoyable and valuable to the public, and we can’t do this by being mean.

While these are invitation only events, as liberty promoters, we do not believe in coercively using the weight of the group to exclude people if they are promoting liberty. Those who safely and lawfully promote liberty with us will be invited back.

Hope to see you at the next event.

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