If you are the sort of person who has made it this far into this website, you will definitely benefit from the following resources:

1. The vast majority of people, no matter your level of training, do not have a true understanding of how violent situations unfold unless they’ve experienced it firsthand. An important resource for learning the dynamics of conflict and violence, including tactics and conflict deescalation techniques, can be found at Mark MacYoung’s No Nonsense Self Defense.

2. Movie fighting is complete and utter fallacy. For a top-notch resource for real-world fighting tactics, visit Gabe Suarez’s web pages:
For gear and videos: training:

3. For another top-notch training resource, visit Ian Kinder’s Live Safe Academy.

4. For other assorted training videos and books, visit Paladin Press

5. For a good Michigan Firearms Law Attorney, contact:
Jim Makowski:
(313) 434-3900
Terry Johnson:
(248) 395-6292

Steve Dulan:
(888) 737-6010

6. Leading Liberty philosopher and author, Adam Kokesh.
And Adam’s book: FREEDOM!

7. Want to know why the economy is in ruins? Bill Still’s YouTube Channel.

8. Need to submit a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request? Here’s a template!

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