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Incarceration Update: James Baker and Brandon Vreeland

In a gross oversight I have apparently posted this information on Facebook but not on the website. My apologies.

First, Brandon:

Brandon got the worse end of this stick by far, and is facing 9 months to 5 years in a state prison for simply documenting the situation as it occurred. James called me from jail specifically to implore me to impart this knowledge and its importance on you.

Like James, he’s been essentially crucified in order to make a clear statement about how the city of Dearborn, the county of Wayne, and the State of Michigan feel about your rights and freedoms. Actions speak louder than words, and in that way Brandon is now shouting for all of us. We need to make sure that he knows he is heard.

Instructions regarding how to send mail to an MDOC prisoner can be found at THIS LINK

You will need the prison name and address, as well as his MDOC prisoner number.
It should be presented on the envelope in the following format:

Brandon B. Vreeland, #393085
Charles Egeler Reception And Guidance Center
3855 Cooper St.
Jackson, MI 49201-7547

Charles Egeler Reception and Guidance Center is the facility he was assigned to as of last I checked, but before addressing your letter you can verify his facility location and address at THIS LINK
If you really want Brandon to know he is loved, the process for sending him some money for his inmate account can be found at THIS LINK
If you are not using the online service, you will need an accompanying deposit form, which can be found at THIS LINK

Next, James:

James has been moved to a different housing unit in the jail.
Future mail should be addressed:

James Baker
2017-00004148 Mod G1
3501 Hamtramck Dr
Hamtramck, MI 48211

James left a list of books he would like to have, which we’ve put into an Amazon wishlist at THIS LINK

Please note, all books or magazines must come directly from the publisher or a well known retailer such as Amazon or Barnes and Noble. All books must be paper back, anything hard cover will be returned to sender.

Straight from the Wayne County website: Letters will not be accepted which contain illegal or prohibited material including; Polaroid pictures, raised decorative stickers, musical or battery operated cards, stamps, personal checks, cash and items, which may be obtained from commissary. Here is a LINK so you can read the specifics before you send anything.

Also if anyone would like to put money on James’ commissary account HERE IS THE LINK to set all that up. Commissary will allow James to buy pencils, paper, hygiene products, clothes and snacks. You can send money orders $100 or less only or you can sign up for an online account and do deposit money that way. The link will tell you exactly what you need to do.

I know it is a lot to read, a lot of links, a bit of time and effort and possibly a few dollars of your hard earned money, but they are presently paying more than that for us, it is really the least we can do.
Thanks everyone!

Police Interaction Book

Preface – The King’s Men

The following words are an attempt to catalog my experiences with police, and frame them in such a way that makes it as clear as possible what my perspective was. From the very first time that a police officer pointed his sidearm at me to the very last, I’ve continuously known that the actions of both myself and the police officers I met would be difficult for many people to understand. I have known that I’ve never appeared really normal or average when others view my actions, but I have always felt that this was due to a fundamental misunderstanding of my premise.

However, this book is not truly about me. While I myself must frame the stories, since I (and my corroborating cameras) were actually there, the stories herein are about the individual police officers; the specific humans that occupy the uniforms of law enforcement; the minds within the machine. Perhaps I have my own biases, partially due to my own ego and drive to succeed, but I will include no added lies or falsifications to tell the story better for my perspective; I will only include the full picture of truth that I can, because the boring old truth still ends up being a sum of unbelievable experiences with a plethora of colorful people. I have shocked myself in what I’ve seen with my own eyes, and I hope that you might be able to withdraw the same knowledge that I have from my experiences.

While this book will be universally declared by angry critics to be completely anti-police, let me make it clear that this is not the case. Police are a necessary part of a peaceful society. Absolutely necessary. Not everyone in a society, certainly not a majority, are likely to be professionals at conflict resolution, confrontation de-escalation, and defense of the peaceful population at large; I think that every reader, and myself, will agree that this is ideally the ultimate role of police in society.

This is not how police actually are.

Police are trained not to resolve conflicts, but to investigate and cage possible offenders of an arbitrary edict sent down from the metaphorical king in Washington, DC or Lansing, Michigan or your local city hall. The king (the government: the state, and their courts) has offices nationwide, and indeed across the world. Though the exact nature of how that king comes to power is no longer a method as arbitrary as family lines or marriage, the collective edicts returned from the king(s) carry the threat of violent, life-threatening, physical force from the king’s men (police) if you dare defy such edict. It does not matter if you didn’t hurt anyone or if there is no complaining victim: the king’s men will put you in a cage if the king says so, end of story.

Police are not trained to deescalate confrontations, but to escalate them until they gain physical control. If a police officer wants to talk to you, and you are walking away from him (since you have the fundamental right to ignore any stranger on the street, regardless of their costume or certification from the king), since he thinks the king will grant him permission to do so, he will grab your arm to stop you. If you resist, he will either knock you to the ground with his body or his Taser. If you defend yourself from this clear aggression, the officer will murder you. If you submit to the torture, you will be chained, caged, and be told to remit a portion of your wealth to the king to leave said cage.

I once got pulled over for having a muddy license plate (the purpose of such plate being that the king may better identify and steal from his subjects), just a few minutes after being on a muddy dirt road. The only issue here is that the police want to be able to see the plate; its not like anyone was harmed in the making of this $60 traffic ticket. If I hadn’t paid that $60, the police would eventually send a SWAT team to put me in a cage, just because the police officer couldn’t read a piece of metal that I don’t even need on any practical or moral level; I only have it because the king demands his subjects have plates.

Police are trained not to defend the peaceful population at large, but to protect themselves at all costs, even if those costs are grossly immoral on their face. Not only do police officers often cause unnecessary physical harm to peaceful people in their efforts to enforce the king’s edicts, but they lie to protect each other in a dangerous Police vs Public mentality, all to put the king’s wrath upon some peaceful subject rather than themselves. Whom will the king believe: a peasant, or one of his own men? Even then, in the United States at least, the king has declared that his men aren’t even required to protect any specific subject from imminent harm happening in front of them, but to protect the community at large so that the king’s interests are not affected by unrest (Warren v. District of Columbia is an edict from the king that addresses this point).

By this point, you may be thinking that I am broadly generalizing police in an unfair way. This is at least partially correct. Each individual police officer is their own person; they each own themselves and control their own actions. This means that individual police officers are fully capable of ignoring the common trends described previously and being better custodians of the peace of their community than their peers. Many officers proactively attempt to be better than others, but they are a minority. Thanks to the nature of relying on a metaphorical king to rule society, the king’s men typically follow the training handed down to them, regardless of its ethicality or morality. I have met police officers that literally tell me, “I hate cops,” knowing full well the coercive, thug-like nature of the common police officer; this is the exception rather than the rule.

Different law enforcement agencies across the world have their own standard of what exactly is proper conduct for their officers. In many nations, the police are literally worse than the criminals on the streets, because the police are assured of having the king’s blessing in whatever corruption they choose. Another plethora of nations have police that are far more effective at maintaining a helpful relationship with the king’s subjects, to the point that the people look up to the police to one degree or another. Police in the United States fall into both of these two loose categories, usually varying wildly by geography and local politics. A sheriff’s deputy in rural Montana will almost always be a true community peacekeeper compared to the thugs that occupy NYPD costumes in New York City. Bigger populations are almost always an indicator of worse police, for a wide variety of economic and political reasons.

However, it CAN truly be said that all police are required to be immoral; it IS objectively true that all cops are bad. This may seem like an extremely overbroad statement that couldn’t possibly be justified, but the explanation is rather simple. Police are policy enforcers: its right there in the name. Alternatively, they are law enforcement officers; their job is to enforce ALL of the king’s edicts (laws), not protect anyone needing protection. While police can and do, of course, on occasion actually protect someone in dire need of protection, this is not in their job description. The institution of police is designed to enforce ALL the laws, ideally with the intention of making a safer community.

However, sometimes government makes laws for reasons that aren’t based in a concern for the public, but perhaps a concern for itself or whom it favors. There are bad laws in existence in every single jurisdiction that police patrol. Every single police jurisdiction in the world has laws against what natural plants you can choose to put in your body, as an easy example. Because you own yourself, and because you own your body, it is a violation of your self-ownership for the king to declare that you cannot do so. Putting a plant in your body is not inherently a violation of someone’s safety or freedom, and yet your safety and freedom is directly threatened by the king and the king’s men if you do so.

The inherent contradiction that all police encounter is that they are required to enforce these bad laws and put you in a cage if you do not comply. It doesn’t matter if it is manifestly evil to throw a peaceful plant smoker into a cage; the king requires his men to do so. Therefore, every police officer is constantly required to choose between doing their jobs properly or not enforce these unjust edicts from the king. If the police officer does not enforce an unjust law, they are not doing their jobs properly, and are therefore a bad cop. If the police officer enforces an unjust law, they are acting in a manifestly evil manner under the king’s direction, and are therefore a bad cop. There are NO good cops, because every single one is required to be in this dilemma.

Police, as you might imagine, nearly exclusively choose to enforce these unjust laws in manifestly evil manners. They have their own needs to fund theirs and their families’ best interests with income from the king, and they have little motivation to give up that financial security. To make matters worse, the training that police receive convinces them that their actions are perfectly moral; they are conditioned to accept that the unjust means justify the ineffective ends. It is a sad truth that all police are in this position where they must choose between financial security and being a moral peacekeeper; it is exponentially sadder that police choose to put themselves in that position by virtue of their voluntary choice of career.

At this point, you may be wondering precisely how I can show that all police are required to be immoral, yet simultaneously claim that we need police. The key difference here is that I advocate not for the monopolized enforcers of the king’s arbitrary edicts that we currently live with, but with peacekeepers skilled in conflict de-escalation, conflict resolution, and protection of those who ask for protection. Being forced to have “protection” from a thug class with the force of the entire king’s resources at their disposal is not freedom; any peaceful person being forced to subjugate themselves to something they do not ask for is tyranny. You as a liberated, peaceful person who just wants to live your life hassle-free have every right to protect yourself if you choose; you have no moral requirement to accept another’s protection. Just like a mafia demanding protection money from members of the community, the end result is a net loss for the peaceful community members. In the end, you are not paying for protection from the mafia, even if they actually provide it: you are paying to not get your ass kicked by the mafia.

People want police, or else they wouldn’t exist. It really is that simple, but a huge portion of peaceful people in the world believe that our current type of police is good enough. We can find a better way as a society; we can do without the king’s men and even the king himself. We need not settle for a thug enforcer class that operates under intimidation and coercion; we can have police that are not bound by edicts from a king. The king’s men are only out for the king, by definition, and the safety and liberty of we the people is secondary at best. The king’s men theoretically serve the citizenry by serving the king; why can’t the king’s men simply serve the citizenry directly, and simply cease to be men of the king?

Until we reach a critical mass of people realizing the coercive nature of their police, there are many things to be done. The massive quantity of personal paradigm shifts required to improve the status quo is a daunting task. What we can easily do, in our efforts to move to a more peaceful society, is educate both the police and citizenry of the concepts in the preceding paragraphs. This is my premise for this book. This book is designed to show not only efforts of myself to improve individual police officers directly in their respect for the liberties of the citizenry, but to more importantly show you how you can create the same positive changes for yourself and your community. Call this an autobiographical how-to guide on preserving your liberty in the face of growing unrest and tyranny in our world, starting with the boots on the ground that the king’s men are. Ideally, upon completing this book, you will have all the knowledge you need to make yourself exponentially harder to be victimized by the police, as well as learn distinctly effective methods for improving the police for the safety and liberty of the rest of your community.

If it pleases the crown, I invite you to read on.


If you find the preface to be a riveting exposition into the dozens of police interaction stories told, then please consider donating some crypto to help this project.

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Detroit Police Officers Contradict Chief on Guns

While gun ownership and carrying pistols for protection in public may seem to be a growing movement in the public realm, many police officers still choose to ignore the law. Yet another case of a legally-armed black man being falsely charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon has surfaced in Detroit. CCW is a 5-year felony in Michigan, and many DPD officers have no issue with maliciously locking up law-abiding citizens under that charge. This is an epidemic that the command structure has no apparent desire to stop.

Beginning in 2014, the public began to be familiar with cases of Detroit Officers arresting and framing legally-armed black men. Historically, it probably had always been easier for Detroit Police to simply assume that any armed black man is likely a dangerous criminal, but this logic is both racist and opposite a free society. The newest wave of gun rights activism that the United States has seen since the Sandy Hook Massacre at the end of 2012 ensured that victims of this police corruption, such as Jeronie Stanford, would have their stories for harassment told.

L.I.F.E. activists protest yet another bogus gun arrest in Detroit.

Stanford was arrested for CCW in July 2014, while open carrying a pistol in plain view. He was told by arresting officer “Juice” Holloway that, “You have to have a [CPL] (Michigan Concealed Pistol License)” to carry a firearm. This is completely false, of course, since carrying a firearm on foot, in public, in plain view is a constitutional right in the state of Michigan. Furthermore, Officer Holloway’s own written report of the arrest, amazingly, admits that Stanford’s weapon was in full view. After Stanford spent three days in jail, he was released without receiving his pistol back. A year and a half later, he still has a pending CCW charge; this means that, while he is a free man, he will not pass a background check for a new pistol. As well, he remains unemployed, since the background check indicates he is still being charged. Even though he calls Detroit Police regularly, they refuse to charge him with CCW or return his property.

Stanford’s brother, Elijah Woody, was famously arrested for CCW only two months later in September 2014 for the same circumstance. The saving grace for Woody’s arrest was the 13-second cell phone video he captured at that time, which completely destroyed the false tale that the three arresting officers (including Officer Holloway) told to Woody’s jury in January of this year. The jury deliberated Woody’s not guilty for only five minutes once they had the video in front of them; the fact that Woody was open carrying and the officers lied was even clear to the presiding judge.

Anthony Murray was arrested in September 2014 as well, under precisely the same conditions. Murray’s trial for CCW was an open-and-shut case; FBI agents allegedly barged in the courtroom and arrested the arresting officer for perjury as he lied on the witness stand.

The latest CCW victim is “George Smith”, as he is publicly known at the moment. Only certain information is available at the time, except that Smith was on his own property while open carrying. This creates a double impossibly of CCW; Michigan law allows one to carry a concealed weapon on one’s own property. While other victims certainly exist and are created all the time, this example of complete gross incompetence by DPD to arrest any armed black man is absolutely unacceptable.

The underdog activists in this epidemic is, an online network of freedom fighters. They have staged over a dozen events in Detroit, putting public pressure on Detroit Police Chief James Craig (who is endorsed by the NRA as a supposedly “Pro-gun” police chief). The police in Detroit have often responded with intimidation at gunpoint, but upset protesters have not abated. If Chief Craig is supposedly the pro-freedom, pro-gun politician that he claims to be, why does he allow citizens of his city to be illegally hassled and maliciously prosecuted by his own subordinates? Call him and ask: (313) 596-2200. Public outcry is the only way to make Chief James Craig live up to his flimsy “pro-gun” reputation.

Open Carriers Protesting Open Carriers Over Islam

This weekend, October 9th, 10th, and 11th, has had a multitude of protests across the country at various mosques. Many rational, smart, confused people organized these events; they were so disgruntled with the little freedom they have slipping away that they blame precisely who we’ve been conditioned to blame since the 9/11 false flag in 2001. Muslims are not dangerous people, and radical Islam is a whole ‘nother fringe group that doesn’t reflect arabs and muslims. These protesters came armed, burned muslim scripture, and made a statement.

We attended the protest in Dearborn, MI; supposedly the largest arab population outside of the middle east resides in this Detroit suburb. The statist paranoia was evident; dozens of police ensured that the six anti-islam protesters were separated from the crowd of loud hippie counter-protesters. The crowd bullhorned the small group of islamophobes constantly, repeating cliche chants that accused the anti-islam protesters of being facists and such.

We had to break up this ridiculous two-sided mockery of insight. The stupid hippie counter-protesters were uninformed, annoying, and some were slightly violent (even though we were also protesting the islamophobes, one threw a full water bottle at one of us from a moving vehicle on the adjacent U.S. highway). The stupid islamophobe protesters were much better behaved, but were obviously stirring up religious hate because they’ve been conditioned to do so by our favorite mainstream news channels. We broke the entire thing into a harder picture to understand, prima facie.


When we arrived, looking exactly as you see us above, the media swarmed us. The armed men who seemed to support the local muslim population did not fit into the two-sided protest that everyone had expected.

Anti-Muslim activists were not the only protesters with rifles at the library on Saturday. Three white armed men were carrying signs in support of the Muslim community.

“It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, or by what name you call God, or even if you believe in God, freedom is for everyone,” one of the armed protesters outside the barricaded area said. 

-Arab American News


Several of the counter-protesters carried guns, but said they didn’t support an anti-Islamic message. Rekab Semaj, 23, of Oakland County, carried an AK-47, which he said was loaded.

“Just because I’m a gun owner doesn’t mean I’m Islamaphobic,” Semaj said. “Liberty is for everyone.

“Freedom has no borders and human rights are not determined by religion. I am pro-freedom.”

  -Detroit News


The anti-Islam protesters, who support open-carry rights, were met with two groups who opposed their message: members with a communist group and supporters of open-carry who said they wanted to express solidarity with Muslims.

The open-carry group that supported Muslims said it wanted to send a message that open-carry proponents are not bigots. One couple from Cadillac who support gun rights but opposed the anti-Islam message had guns colored red,white and blue along with patriotic shirts colored the same way, like an American flag.

“I’m here today to protest the Islamophobic protesters that are here bearing arms,” said Rekab Semaj of Oakland County, with an AK47 rifle slung over his shoulder and a sign reading “Muslims Deserve Freedom.”

“My message is that liberty is for everyone, that liberty has no borders … Just because someone is of a certain religion does not mean they are dangerous. Just because the fact I’m a gun owner, does not mean I am inherently dangerous.”

-Detroit Free Press


There was a three man contingency of human rights activists carrying their own assault rifles who joined the counter-protest in defense of the People’s Second Amendment right to bear arms as well as their First Amendment rights of expression and religion.

-Revolution News

Senator Mike Green, and NRA Backed MCRGO, Propose Partial Open Carry Ban

State Senator Mike Green, and NRA backed MCRGO are joining forces to try to partially ban open carry. It hasn’t been introduced to committee yet, but it is drafted and reported to be making it to committee imminently.

Read the Bill @

I know this is just another post on the internet, but for the love of your God or lack thereof, this is important. Send an email, make a call, make so much noise your reps can’t help but listen.
Unless you hate rights. But I assume you wouldn’t be here then.

Word is he is going to pull out all the stops/up-sleeve aces/tricks/etc.
In the meantime, we are already ready to try to stop him from several years ago when we campaigned against SB59. A few tweaks, and our pre written material is ready. Take action by clicking here and spending a few minutes.

Note that this pre-written material contains both pro and anti gun views so that you can recruit the help of ANY politically inclined person you know. Feel free to modify them as necessary.

Counter-SB0442 Resources

REBUTTAL: If you want to protect so badly, join the military

You know the drill… saw something in a conversation thread that got me fired up. This was in relation to someone suggesting an Open Carry walk in Menasha, WI

As is my style… a point for point response:

“The most powerful weapon someone can own is their brain…. a gun wont always protect you.”

–True, but your brain won’t always protect you either. You can use your brain all day to figure out how to fix a car or build a house too, but without the right tools for the job you won’t be getting very far.

“I understand you are all fighting for your rights to carry… I do respect that. I dont believe any of you would do anything like that… but in doing that… you gotta at least see… you also fighting for the right for people who would or WILL do something like that.”

–Not so… you see, people DO NOT HAVE a right to do that. Someone in that mindset will not be affected by laws or rights, only by what their mind is set upon. The only ones affected by such things are the law-abiding. Everyone has a right to carry a firearm for self defense. NOBODY has a right to be the harmful aggressor.

“If all people were like you… there would be no need for guns, but they arent. It does add fuel to the flame.”

–What flame? If people can’t understand that water is not flammable, then they are the ones with a serious problem. An armed good guy is not adding fuel to an armed bad guy’s flame. It is adding water. It might not put the fire out, but it will hopefully keep it at bay long enough to save some people.

“Other countries have stricter rules.. and they dont have all these shootings we have. Its sad.”

–They do, however, have much higher rates of violent crime than we do per capita typically. I’ll cite some examples after you do.

“Now none are you are even gonna listen to me, and I am most likely wasting my breath….”

–I’m responding point-for-point, so hopefully the fact that I’ve listened to you isn’t lost in the fray…

“I was just saying dont rush to parade MENASHA. People are nervous with the recent events. Respect that. Give it more time. People will always be nervous… but that is high there now. You are gonna do it anyway… but even right after a funeral? … just wrong and disrespectful.”

–It’s wrong and disrespectful to cause the funeral in the first place. People who are nervous because of Charles & Friends are nervous for the wrong reasons, and if it takes 10 nervous people to reach one person with the message of liberty it is frankly worth it.

“And People wont complain if u are carrying a gun…. I mean.. its a gun. Guns injure and kill… but I’m sure in their minds stuff is flying.”

–Guns don’t injure and kill. People who wield guns may or may not injure or kill. If a person leaves a gun out on the table and a kid finds it and shoots himself, we blame the gun. If a person leaves a circular saw out on the table and plugged in and a kid cuts himself in half, we blame the parent. Take a second and reflect on why that is. Inanimate objects are only as dangerous as the person wielding them, and no law will influence that person’s mindset.

“If you want to protect so badly.. i’d say join the force or military. Or fight to build a community citizen force…. but guns in individual hands= problems.”

–Join the police and kidnap people at gunpoint for petty bullshit that doesn’t hurt anybody except maybe themselves, and kill them if they resist, occasionally getting lucky with someone who is actually a violent criminal. Or, join the military and go somewhere overseas and kill people for no particularly good reason. Which one of those is really protecting anyone? The police have no duty to protect us, and the military, unless we’re invaded which I find unlikely, is only really protecting our financial interests these days.

“I am done with this… I will let you all come back with your debates… I am not into debates really, just had to say something. And should wait for Menasha… that was really the point.”

–If they wait until people forget about it, if they wait until the media [who isn’t waiting] has had their three weeks to hammer their agendas into people, then they have waited too long.


Lockdown at Lamphere High – The FULL Story


On March 4th, 2015, local liberty activist Shawn Nixon went for a routine walk though his local neighborhoods and along main roads (video below). This is normal activity for him, and members of the community recognize him well. Although he is a law-abiding, honest citizen, he is known well to his local law enforcement, Royal Oak Police of Royal Oak, MI. Some examples of his previous encounters with ROPD can be seen here, here, here, here, here, and here. What makes Mr. Nixon so controversial to some is the fact that he takes a rifle with him on his routine walks. While it is not particularly shocking to most people in his area (because he is recognized easily), certain police and school administrators decided to disrupt the educational environment on March 4th at Lamphere High School in Madison Heights, MI because Mr. Nixon was going on one of his routine walks.

Below is a local news report about the incident.

So this man broke no law. Where’s the controversy? The only issue appears to be the fact that he went near a school. Let’s examine that.

If a person is going on a routine walk down the street, would you expect them to take a different route to avoid passing the school? Of course not, but you might argue that carrying the rifle is needlessly scaring people. So if the police and school officials do not trust Mr. Nixon walking by the school with a late 1800s bolt-action, five-shot rifle, does that mean they would trust him if he did not have a rifle? It seems that the only irrational concern with the local media is that he had a rifle. However, he clearly did not intend any harm toward the school’s occupants. Therefore, why the overreaction? The police in Madison Heights have had contact with Mr. Nixon before, as this video shows. They know who he is, and why he goes on his walks. Yet they lock down the school anyways. If this isn’t brainless, then I don’t know what is.

The rifle does not make Mr. Nixon dangerous. If anything, five shots from a long, heavy, awkward piece of Russian hand-made junk makes Mr. Nixon MORE defenseless from a sudden attack.

This is why he also carries a semi-automatic pistol. Would the media, police, and school officials react the same way if he only carried a handgun? I would argue that fourteen rounds of .40 S&W (in his handgun) is more deadly than only five rounds of 7.62x54R (in his rifle), yet the RIFLE is the concern. He could also legally carry the pistol completely concealed, because he has been verified to be legally qualified to possess a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.

Think honestly to yourself for a minute: if Shawn Nixon, noted liberty activist of metro Detroit, had walked past Lamphere High School with a dozen concealed pistols, would the school have locked down? Of course not, even though he is far more heavily armed than with just a handgun and rifle in plain view.

He uses his rifle as a silent, non-violent form of activism. While a small portion of the people who see him are genuinely and irrationally fearful of him, the vast majority of the people don’t even notice. Out of the people who do notice his rifle, they are mostly curious. Many are supportive, and will honk and give thumbs up constantly. A lot of people will see him, see his rifle, and be genuinely confused:

“I have always been told that guns are bad, but I just saw this man walking down the street with two guns, and no one got hurt.”

Mr. Nixon’s walks have a definite value in desensitizing the people that see him. Some gun rights supporters are concerned that his activism may hurt gun rights long-term. I can only ask those people the following: if you are so concerned that government will take rights away because someone if exercising them, who is at fault? Is it Mr. Nixon, the Government, or is it YOURSELF for not demanding that your rights be taken seriously? Mr. Nixon would seem bland and mainstream if we ALL stood with him.

During Shawn Nixon’s walk on March 4th, he was initially confronted by his “friends” in Royal Oak Police. In typical fashion, Royal Oak PD let him have his space when he declined to talk to them. While only a quarter-way though his walk along 13 Mile Rd between John R and Rochester Roads, he began to be stalked by Madison Heights Police.

This pissed him off. I mean, it SHOULD piss him off. The police are not only harassing him with a  metaphorical velvet glove, but they are using their scarce police resources (paid for by the taxpayers) to literally STALK him while he is breaking no law. MHPD reported to the local media that they did not obtain a name from him on this walk, and that is because THEY ALREADY KNEW HIM. Madison Heights Police are under no legal obligation to even respond to a 9-1-1 call of legal activity, let alone stalk him.

Mr. Shawn Nixon confronted these officers after a short time. While I myself would NEVER advocate willingly talking with police, Mr. Nixon has a great deal of practice, and is arguably an expert at motivating them to leave him alone. He is the type of man that is literally enraged with the double standards that police employ, highlighted on this occasion with one officer’s willingness to hold his hand on his firearm during the encounter Mr. Nixon had with MHPD. The officer, affectionately called Officer Wyatt Earp, literally was almost taunting Mr. Nixon with the extra rights that he, as a Law Enforcement Officer, believes he has by touching his firearm while Mr. Nixon stands there.

Video from March 4th, 2015

OK, so let’s step back for a second and look at that. What you see is not a crazed gunman just arbitrarily screaming at the friendly neighborhood police. What you see is a free man who is literally enraged to the point of insults that he is being stalked, softly harassed, and intimidated into not continuing with his activism. No matter how you slice it, would you be any happier if police harassed you for no lawful reason?

I will admit that I feel sincerely sorry for those officers. They woke up at 5:30 am and went to work just like any other person. They do their metaphorical 9 to 5 job and go home to their families like any other person. They are being coerced into following Mr. Nixon by their superiors, and they are only guilty of blindly following orders. They themselves have been brainwashed into believing that they are not harassing Mr. Nixon, that Mr. Nixon is a crazy nut, that they are doing a service to the community, and that they are the victims. Make NO mistake: MR. SHAWN NIXON is the victim here, as well as the students who continue to have their learning interrupted by the school’s irrationality.

Mr. Nixon and I returned to the area one week later, on March 11th. We were disappointed that Madison Heights PD had advised the school to lock down again, even knowing who we were. They OBVIOUSLY know Mr. Nixon is not dangerous, and I have a significant amount of notoriety within many police departments in Oakland County as well. Neither of us are strangers to them.

Ridiculousness will often remain ridiculous, ignorance will often remain ignorant, and irrationality is ALWAYS irrational.

Shawn Nixon would like nothing more to be left alone by the police so that he can work a 9 to 5 job and raise his five-year-old son. Is that so much to ask?


Arrested Open Carry Activist Found NOT GUILTY

From Elijah Woody’s attorney, Jim Makowski of Dearborn, MI:


On September 13, 2014, Elijah Woody, Jr., a 24 y.o., African-American male, was hanging out chatting with 4-5 friends on the sidewalk of an inner city neighborhood in Detroit. WOODY was open carrying a Glock 23 in a Blackhawk Serpa OWB holster and wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a light jacket buttoned all the way up.

At approximately 7:50p, a car containing three officers from the Detroit Police Department’s Tactical Response Unit, rounded the corner and approached the group. The TRU officers dress in BDUs and typically act in a paramilitary fashion.

As everyone in Detroit knows but most of us from the suburbs do not, it is common for DPD officers to stop, frisk, demand identification and conduct illegal, unconstitutional searches of any group of black males on public property. If they find anything illegal or questionable they will then lie as to how they learned of the offense.

True to form, the officers stopped the car, jumped out and demanded everyone produce ID. Officer James Taylor went straight to WOODY and asked him “you got some bullshit on you there,” referring to the Glock. WOODY is immediately disarmed, cuffed and placed in the back of the squad car. The officers did not inquire whether he had a CPL until after transporting him to the Detroit Detention Facility, and charging him with the five-year felony of Carrying a Concealed Weapon.

When the police wrote their report they had to come up with a story to justify their encounter with WOODY. The officers claimed they observed the group drinking from red Solo cups and, as they drove up they “smelled the strong odor of burning marijuana” from a moving car about 15’ away (must be some bloodhound genes there). Officer Taylor claimed that when WOODY noticed their approach he “bladed” his body to limit their ability to see his right hip and started “backpedaling.” Taylor claimed that WOODY then turned full face on, lifted the right side of his jacket and exposed the Glock hidden under his jacket, stating he was “open carrying.”

Shortly after the arrest I was contacted and advised about this gross abuse of WOODY’s rights. I reached out to my good friend Terry Johnson, a fellow 2A defense lawyer, to see if he was interested in jointly defending WOODY. He agreed so we took the case.

At the preliminary exam two of the three officers testified and many inconsistencies became evident in their testimony. Despite these obvious falsehoods the judge decided that there was Probable Cause that a crime had been committed and bound the matter over to Wayne County Circuit Court on the felony CCW charge. We flat out refused to engage in plea negotiations and demanded the matter be set for jury trial.

At 4:49p the afternoon before trial the Wayne County Prosecutor filed two Motions in Limine. A Motion in Limine is a pretrial motion generally filed several weeks before trial, used to exclude certain evidence or limit what the jury is allowed to know. The prosecutor sought to exclude part of the dashcam recordings that, to put it mildly, were uncomplimentary about the general public. He also sought an order from the judge PROHIBITING US FROM CLAIMING OPEN CARRY AS A DEFENSE. The judge granted both motions and we were forbidden to explain to the jury that Open Carry differed from Concealed Carry and what the differences were.

At trial the next day Officer Taylor claimed that he decided WOODY had a gun on him based upon his “extensive experience” and the fact he was “blading” his body away. When asked whether he yelled “GUN” or in any way alerted his partners of the presence of a firearm he said no and claimed that he was trying to “deescalate” the situation. Yet when the second officer took the stand, on cross examination he claimed that they had a “code word” to alert the other officers of a gun and that Taylor had given it. Further, the dashcam video showed WOODY being placed in the rear of the squad car with the empty holster clearly visible. The jacket the police claimed was hanging down covering the gun was clearly shown in the video to be buttoned all the way up. It became obvious that the officers had fabricated their story, with jurors shaking their heads in disgust at times. The day ended after the first two officers testified.

The next morning the last officer testified. He was the most truthful, stating that he hadn’t really interacted with WOODY as he was on security overwatch, making sure the other civilians present were not a threat. The prosecution rested and we made a Motion for a Directed Verdict, asking that the judge rule that, as a matter of law, the Defendant could not be found guilty. Since the judge is required to view the evidence in the light most favorable to the non-moving party the motion was denied.

Our first witness testified how the group had been standing around, talking about the upcoming Floyd Meriwether fight that was going to take place that night when the cops drove up, ordered everyone to put their hands up, and directly approached WOODY. The witness firmly stated that WOODY’s gun was not concealed or in any way hidden by a coat.

The WOODY then elected to take the witness stand to testify in his own defense. The arresting officers had not realized that WOODY had pulled out his cell phone and started recording video. While the video only lasted 13 seconds it completely contradicted the police version of the facts, showing that WOODY had his hands up and was 2-3’ away from the nearest person and not moving away. The video cut off as Taylor slapped the phone out of his hand. It was perfectly clear that the cops saw the gun from the moving car and headed directly to WOODY hassle him.

After we rested we again asked the judge allow us to explain in the Jury Instructions that Open Carry is legally recognized and that the jury should be advised of same but we were again denied. The case was sent to the jury at noon. Shortly thereafter the jury asked to see the videos. It took a while to get the videos set up for the jury to review but, five minutes or so after the jury reviewed the videos they came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict.


1. Always get a CPL.
2. Always record when Open Carrying, especially without a CPL.
3. Detroit Police cannot be trusted to recognize your right to Open Carry.
4. Expect dirty tricks from the prosecutor’s office.
5. Make sure you have competent legal counsel.