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Senator Mike Green, and NRA Backed MCRGO, Propose Partial Open Carry Ban

State Senator Mike Green, and NRA backed MCRGO are joining forces to try to partially ban open carry. It hasn’t been introduced to committee yet, but it is drafted and reported to be making it to committee imminently.

Read the Bill @

I know this is just another post on the internet, but for the love of your God or lack thereof, this is important. Send an email, make a call, make so much noise your reps can’t help but listen.
Unless you hate rights. But I assume you wouldn’t be here then.

Word is he is going to pull out all the stops/up-sleeve aces/tricks/etc.
In the meantime, we are already ready to try to stop him from several years ago when we campaigned against SB59. A few tweaks, and our pre written material is ready. Take action by clicking here and spending a few minutes.

Note that this pre-written material contains both pro and anti gun views so that you can recruit the help of ANY politically inclined person you know. Feel free to modify them as necessary.

Counter-SB0442 Resources

Do You Not Like Guns?

Perhaps, do you know someone who doesn’t like guns? Then this is a must-watch. Find someone you know well, someone who trusts you that doesn’t like guns. Then share this with them.



I can say that I understand this pretty well. I had an uncle that shot himself, but I had never had any feelings toward handguns until I read  chapter 20 from Robert Boatman’s book, Living With Glocks. THAT is a must-read.