We Have A Way To Help Brandon (& James Update)

Hi all,

Just another update, with a request.
I finally heard from Brandon. He’s been moved out of quarantine into his permanent facility, Parnall Correctional Facility. From what he’s told me he is treated a lot better there than he was in quarantine, and that there is more to do there than I would have expected. As he describes it, its “OK, but I’m still in fucking prison.”

Another tidbit of information I got from him is that he will have to be there at a minimum until May before being eligible for parole. This is where we come in.

What is needed are LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION for Brandon to present to the parole board. We will send them to Brandon, but write them as if they are to the parole board, making a case for his character and basically letting them know what an outstanding dude he is and that he doesn’t deserve to spend five years in prison away from his family.

These letters, or any other correspondence that you would like to send him, must have his name and inmate number, as well as his facility address. Address your envelopes as below:

Brandon Vreeland #393085
Parnall Correctional Facility
1780 E. Parnall Street
Jackson MI, 49201

I also have updated information on adding money to Brandon’s commissary account, which he would greatly appreciate.
If you are willing to contribute to this, you can do so online at connectnetwork.com

On the site, to add money remotely you will need his correctional facility site number, and his prisoner number but this time with a leading zero. Also, there are two accounts, his Phone account and his Trust account. He would prefer the money be added to Trust.

Site: 117
Prisoner Number: 0393085
Add the money to TRUST account

Thanks for your time, and please take the time to do this so our brother Brandon can get back home to his family sooner.

As for James, he has been moved again to F1 in Dickerson. The jail tried to move his out date to March instead of his early release date of January 24th claiming he “got into it with a deputy”. But there was no report or video to back up this claim. James has been spending his time reading and writing his book. If any one is interested in reading his journal entries to see what his time has been like I can send those your way.
Mail should be addressed:

James Baker
2017-00004148 F1
3501 Hamtramck Dr
Hamtramck, MI 48211

If you would like you can also send money orders of no more than $100, made out to James with his inmate number on them, to the same address for his commissary account.

I also have a list of books here that James would like these can also be sent to the above address. https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/8MXAV911WSQ1

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance if you send anything to James or Brandon. They appreciate contact from the outside world.