The Thin Blue Line in the Sand

You’ve seen this symbol making the rounds, haven’t you?

Do you know what it means?
No, no… what it actually means.

You are perpetuating the exact problem that lead to the circumstances that have now led you to believe that this sort of display is ‘necessary’.
I am referring, of course, to the pandemic of “Us vs. Them” mentality that is sweeping the nation as of late.

I will explain, by answering a series of questions:

1. What, in an ‘ideal’ world, should a police officer actually be?
2. What, in today’s world, is a police officer?
3. What is a line?

Firstly, we will address what a police officer should be in an ‘ideal’ world. I put ‘ideal’ in quotes because I understand that everyone’s idea of ‘ideal’ is different.

For the purposes of this discussion, ‘ideal’ means a world of completely voluntary human interaction where everyone experiences freedom and government is not grossly overstepping its bounds. In fact, for purposes of this discussion, lets say there is no traditional ‘government’ and that ‘police’ can refer to private persons dedicated to the protection of others from violent encroachment or any other non-voluntary human interactions.

This does a lot of the work in answering this first question for me, but to be even more clear, in this ‘ideal’ world, the job of a peace office would be simply to help prevent, or intervene to stop, the aggressor in situations where the aggressor is attempting to force another person into a non-voluntary interaction. This can be using physical violence, threat of violence, or some other form of coercion. What you’ll notice a distinct lack of in this scenario is any sort of responsibility to police victimless ‘crime’. Again, ‘crime’ in quotes here because a true crime cannot exist without a victim.

In this situation, it would be important for the person acting as a peace officer to also not overstep from preventing non-voluntary interaction to initiating their own non-voluntary interaction by force. This person would essentially need to be integrated into the community. They are one of us, jump into help where needed, and afterwards go back to being one of us. They are not an elite class of supervisors, rulers, parents, caretakers, or otherwise. They are just people, acting merely on the principle that forced interaction is wrong, and are only able to intervene at the level that you or a loved one would be able to intervene on your own behalf.

So what, then, has today’s police officer actually become?

In contrast to my above descriptions, police are tasked with enforcing many laws that outline ‘crimes’ that do not have victims. They are seen as stewards, chaperones, to ensure that we the people do what our parent, the state, wants us to and don’t step out of line.

Because these police are able to intervene into otherwise completely voluntary human interactions, it means that they essentially are being given ‘rights’ by the state that we the people do not have. How can a group of people [government] delegate rights that they as individuals do not have?

This puts police in a category of their own, between the state and the people. Their mentality becomes warped, as is human nature, and they start to view our non-police group as inferior.

For an in-depth study explaining what I mean, read up on the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Don’t let me lose you here, I’m not saying anything bad about your dad/cousin/sister/etc. who also happens to be a police officer, I’m merely talking about the corruption that has happened at an institutional level. Good as they as people may be, they are trained and ingrained to view the world as two groups: police, and non-police. Most cops would call these non-police ‘civilians’, without realizing that in my ‘ideal’ world above, they too would be civilians.

Once that mentality is instilled, they are trained that every ‘civilian’ is a potential ‘criminal’. They are trained to always be wary, to stick together no matter what, and to shoot first and ask questions later if at all.

“I’m going home tonight!” they exclaim.

This means that, as a police officer, they are trained to be on edge and anxious, afraid for their lives at every moment of every day that they are working. They become jumpy, and in the event that this leads [and it does] to an unjustified shooting, they are trained to cover up for one another, not only because they are told to but because they know that they experience the same anxious tension all the time, and that it could easily be them.

Yes, police should be held accountable when this happens, but also realize that a person getting into policing for ‘all the right reasons’ is systematically indoctrinated to feel this way, and that to some of them, they honestly believe they are risking their lives for the greater good in a world full of dangerous criminals and that there is danger at every turn.

We will ignore for today the contingent of sick fucks who recognize everything I’ve just said and join up literally because they enjoy to be violent bullies and wish to be legally immune from punishment. There are a few of these… you’ve seen them in the news, the ‘let me rape you or I’ll take you to jail’ guys, etc.

So already you can see how dangerous, divisive, and destructive the “Us Vs. Them” mentality is. That is without even talking about the other ways we the people are being divided and segregated into similar, albeit less ’empowered’ groups, a la BLM. Which brings us to this:

What is a line?

Put simply, a line is a divider. It separates one thing from another. One area from another. One shape, one region, one idea from another.

A line is a fence. A line is a wall. A line is a moat.

What is a thin blue line, then?

Some would argue that it is a line between the ‘criminals’ and the people, but it is not. It is a line between the people and the state, as defined above. It creates a clear divide, a separation. It makes a statement; Here on one side is us, the police, and there on the other side are you, the people. This sows the seeds of divisiveness and perpetuates the issues previously described.

By wearing this thin blue line, or sticking it to your vehicle, or displaying it on your social media page, you are literally making the problem you seek to solve worse. You are feeding the hand that bites you. You are the rape victim perpetuating rape culture.

“Of course I said no, but you know looking back on it, I was totally asking for it…”

There are ways to solve the problem, and segregation/group warfare/class warfare is not one of them.

It should not be a line, but more of a scatter plot. So I’ll leave you with a scatter plot.


POLICE FAIL – Saving People from Tickets/Arrest

Two liberty activists have shown in a new video (above) that it is easier than ever to save your fellow peaceful motorists from extortion from local police. While it is a prevailing misconception that police enforce traffic laws for public safety, a cursory glace at police tactics proves this is not the case. If police enforced traffic simply to make the public safer on roadways, they would park their vehicles in highly visible areas where high quantities of traffic are flying by, because they would become a visual deterrence for speeding motorists in the maximum way effective. This article does an exceptional job of showing why the traditional traffic stop is both outdated and immoral.

However, two activists from police accountability institution Liberty Is For Everyone and the local CB affiliate Jackson Cop Block found one such law enforcement officer who insisted upon hiding his vehicle behind bushes in a low-traffic area with a low speed limit. Since low speed limits are often on such quiet side streets as in the video above, they make ideal areas for revenue-hungry police to hide for safe and easy traffic stops. When the two activists in the video above find this particular Jackson County Deputy hiding on the outskirts of Jackson MI, they slowed down oncoming traffic with hand signals. This has the dual purpose of not only slowing traffic down, as the police claim they want, while simultaneously interfering with the deputy’s ability to collect revenue with coercion of the state. After several vehicles pass by this deputy, designated Traffic Management 3 for exclusively writing tickets, he realizes the futility at remaining at this hiding spot while a Cop Blocker is warning oncoming traffic of his presence.

Jackson deputy arresting man for driving w/o ID.
Jackson deputy arresting man for driving w/o ID.

Knowing he is on camera, the Deputy attempts to fake a pleasant encounter, but drives off when the veteran activists do not flinch.

A short time later, this same deputy nearly causes three collisions while whipping out into oncoming traffic to follow his next extortion victim, a painter in a Chrysler 300. Not initially noticing the activists are back with their cameras, the deputy discovers this person he has stopped has no identification on him, because he just came from very dirty employment. The deputy pulls him out of the vehicle, tells him he is going to jail, and begins asking the typical “Do you have anything on you I should know about?” question upon this painter. Upon noticing he is again on camera, the deputy instead offers to let the painter drive to his house for his ID while the deputy meets him there. The additional presence of the cameras makes building a case against the painter much harder, because it is far more difficult of the deputy to craft the narrative.

Seeing defeat, but attempting to save face for himself and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the deputy approaches the cameramen with a thank you for slowing traffic down earlier, due to complaints (FOIAs indicate that no complaints were received). If his objective were truly to slow traffic down, without any concern for generating revenue, why would he not sit out in the open like the activists who actually slowed traffic down?

DHS Draws AR-15s on Cop Blockers in Detroit

In April of this year, two liberty activists went on an armed walk in Detroit, as they have done dozens of times previously, to protest the unlawful arrest of Legally armed black men, as well as the encroaching violations of civil rights by the State and their law enforcement actors.

As seen on dozens of videos on YouTube, this copblocking and liberty outreach organization, Liberty Is For Everyone, has a long history of being welcomed and cheered on by the communities in Detroit that they visit. Thanks to repeated lawlessness from Detroit Police Department, these armed protestors are a wonderful shock for these people to see. In the video below, after two activists from Liberty Is For Everyone were illegally removed from local bus station in downtown Detroit, they walked near the Patrick McNamara Federal Building just a few blocks away, as thousands of people do every day.

When these activists passed by a security checkpoints at the Federal Building while on their way to the riverfront, the private security there took offense to normal armed citizens. Even when the first security guard was educated on the fact that a public sidewalk is publicly accessible to anyone, the security guard instead called for Department of Homeland Security backup as these men continued past the Federal Building on their walk.

Not more than a block later on their travels, these two activists were confronted by Department of Homeland Security police officers, three of which were armed with AR-15s. One of the two activists with Liberty Is For Everyone, a black man with a rifle, was unlawfully detained and identified by Department of Homeland Security. His white partner, after being muzzle swept at point-blank range, continued across the street. Not only is it safer legally for the cameraman to continue on while his partner is being detained, but it also provides a wider angle for the camera to document the happenings. Both men continued on their way within a few minutes, but not before top brass commanders in Detroit Police Department made the scene.

A few months later, two men returned to the Patrick McNamara Federal Building for an additional audits comma partially to see if the private security and the Department of Homeland Security Police had to change the protocol regarding civil rights audits yet. The video of their second visit comma quite different in nature, is below.

While some may say that the activists from Liberty Is For Everyone are merely baiting law enforcement officers who are going about their jobs, it is equally true that police bait normal citizens into taxable and arrestable offenses everyday, from the benign speeding tickets to the entrapments on a felony charge. As well, because police are a government monopoly, with no legal competition, they have no natural incentive to provide a quality service. There is no accountability in a monopoly, because there is no choice for the consumer to patronize an alternative. In a service that is not in Monopoly, competition keeps costs and prices down while ensuring a quality product or service. If law enforcement were not a monopoly, Not only would civil rights audits like these be impractical, they would be unnecessary.