A Brief Point-for-Point Response

As is often the case, this woman’s assertion that there was ‘quite frankly nothing to add’ has inspired me to respond to her comment point-for-point.

In the middle of the night, once upon a time, a house owner heard what seemed to be an intruder entering his house, took his gun, fired and killed his son!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Empire destroyed the planet of Alderaan with a giant laser fired from the Death Star.
Do you have some names and dates here so the actual facts can be analyzed, or are you simply inventing a hypothetical situation based on nothing more than misguided emotions that isn’t rooted in any factual evidence?

How about that for self defense? Come on! So tell me, how the hell do you know that guns will be properly used, once issued to the offender in beautiful disguise?

Not sure what disguise you’re referring to, but I can tell you conclusively that the best way to be sure whether or not a gun will be used properly is to observe the gun, and decide if it is, at the time of observation, being used properly. If it is not, then you had better have your own, and use it properly.

My gosh! in what kind of society are we living in…so let’s see, just as an example. My neighbor and I get into an argument. Ok! he or she gets ticked off, and pulls its gun on me, just because! then what?……There is in fact no answer to that. Quite frankly there is nothing to add.

…If your neighbor is the kind of person who would pull a gun on you for ‘no reason’, firstly, you should move, secondly, you should have a means to defend yourself from their dangerous antics.
However, if you are implying that the mere presence of a firearm means that an ordinary person will suddenly become a violent criminal, then you are projecting your own insecurity about how dangerous you know yourself to be with a firearm on others, which is irrational.

Also, as a point of advice, to state in the absolute that there is nothing more to add is to deprive yourself of the beautiful thing that is educating yourself on the opinions and facts available from the people around you, which, whether you agree with them or not, can be invaluable in understanding your environment and interacting meaningfully and safely with it. If you are truly closed-minded enough to dismiss immediately points which have not even been brought to your attention, it is no wonder that you have such a tragically skewed view of how the world works.

Reflections on Orlando

As we settle into yet another instance of horrible, mass tragedy getting milked for all it can be by republicans, democrats, and others, as usual unconcerned with the realities of what happened, I thought I should take the time to say my thoughts.

Most importantly, we live in a fucked up world, and your safety is your problem. No one deserves to die for going to have fun, and every person who is murdered leaves behind dozens and sometimes hundreds of devastated friends and family members. Words cannot express how sad a person being murdered is. Obedience to suicidal laws, as well as a lifestyle of apathy, are reasonably good ways to elevate your odds of being murdered. While you have the right to live this way, you do so at your own peril. Slant it how you want politically on the backs of the victims of these choices, but you can never change that. We shouldn’t second guess or otherwise insult murder victims who wouldn’t have been there if they thought they’d be attacked, but with perfect hindsight we should let their deaths teach us, unless we want to have let them die for nothing.

To all who are making jokes about this, please stop. More than 50 people being murdered is not funny in the slightest. On just the same note, if you don’t think the lives of Obama’s drone victims were important, just like every other innocent person murdered by US imperialism, you are most likely suffering from a mental disorder called nationalism. Maybe you don’t realize it, and if not, it’s a good reason to reassess how, why and if you value human life.

In this instance, if the attacker truly was an ISIS sympathizer or an ISIS sponsored fighter, two things are utterly critical to remember. First, when we lose sight of blaming individual people for their actions and instead blame other people we arbitrarily associate them with, we delve into something very dangerous called groupthink. Groupthink is an aspect of collectivism that causes countless people to be harmed or killed for no legitimate reason. If you are unfamiliar with groupthink and collectivism in general, please google it, because you should understand it, since it enables most of the mass murder that ever takes place. Second, if it was a matter of the killer being angry at US imperialism and wanting to strike back at that, remember that your tax dollars funded the perpetual slaughter that caused his anger. While attacks like this are very very rare, and it is a testament to the forgiveness of the muslim culture that we aren’t attacked constantly, it should be remembered that under the group think they have over there just like we have over here, you are blamed for shit you didn’t do, just like people here blame muslims for shit they didn’t personally do, and scream for more bombs and boots on the ground massacring people. It pays to understand and be prepared when a lot of people want you dead, but it is of little to no use to want retribution against innocent people just because they are in a different nation, of a different race, or perhaps have another name for God than you do, and you somehow link that to people they don’t even know who you want revenge against.

Fundamental/radical Islam, just like US patriotism, is by all means collectivist bullshit that has a long history of getting people killed. I am sorry to say no end is in sight either, but you can certainly better yourself and those around you by at least understanding what is going on. If you haven’t yet freed your mind from statism, now is as good of a time as ever. Google voluntarism. Read the books by Adam Kokesh and Larken Rose. And for fuck’s sake, keep yourself responsibly armed. That goes triple if you are in the LGBT community, which is regrettably already much more statistically likely to be assaulted and murdered than the general population.