Cops Harass and Illegally Detain ANOTHER COP

County deputies in Mt. Clemens, Michigan got a sweet taste of their own sour medicine. They had spent nearly two hours and over ten man-hours investigating two men who had been seen taking pictures of the exterior of the Macomb County Jail (where just weeks later, a man died from neglect due to a heroin withdrawal). They manufactured an excuse to stop these men once they had driven away in their vehicle. The deputies didn’t count on the fact that one of the men was a retired deputy who wanted to catch them in the lie.

It is a common form of liberty activism: the First Amendment Audit. The people’s human rights to speak their mind and document their government overlords’ activities is innate to each human on the planet, and is theoretically protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Many law enforcement officers, even good-intentioned ones, are largely brainwashed to treat the citizenry with the utmost suspicion and aggress. Some human rights activists choose to make sure that their local law enforcement respects their rights, including their rights to peacefully and unobtrusively photograph government buildings. Such an activity harms no one, of course. As well, to say that photography is somehow threatening to security raises an interesting question: why would a potential terrorist or evil doer simply not use the superior aerial and terrestrial imagery on Google Maps?

Nevertheless, a single deputy approached two unarmed men who were photographing the Macomb County Jail in Mt. Clemens, MI. He simply asked if there was anything he could help them men with, to which the men continued photographing. All seemed well when that deputy quickly gave up and walked away, as he should regarding two law-abiding, peaceful citizens. What happens next is nearly astounding.

A flood of deputies surround the men a few minutes later, but they do not physically stop the still-silent men from walking away. A Deputy Derrick Reed childishly pulled out a camera of is own and started clicking it the men’s faces as they walked away (a camera he would later admit to a bystander did not work).

Reed was joined by Deputies Kato and Jankowski, as well as a lieutenant who remained in an unmarked vehicle. They followed these two men on foot for an additional two hours. The men misled them to several nearby parked vehicles, to which the deputies hastily read and radioed the license plates in hopes of identifying the men.

We identified one of them as Rekab Semaj, 23, of neighboring Oakland County. “They went so far as to sit next to us on a park bench, attempting to make small talk about their fattening Olive Garden dinners last night,” Semaj said. “We really could not believe that there was so little crime in this Detroit suburb that they could spare up to seven deputies to harass us. They didn’t have any way to make their efforts worth it for the taxpayers, but they had their fun anyways.” Semaj, as an activist with, indicated to us that the full sixteen-minute video of the harassment can be seen a here.

Semaj and the other man continued to be followed by Reed, Kato, and Jankowski to their vehicle. Almost immediately, after the two men had departed and made a legal, signaled u-turn on an adjacent street, Kato initiated a traffic stop seen in the video below:

Deputy Kato insisted that there was a sign indicating that left turns were not allowed where that u-turn was made. Of course, this was not the case. The unidentified activist (the driver of the vehicle) revealed to the camera and to Kato that he was law enforcement. Of course, Kato did not write the man a ticket, and they never identified Semaj.

It is important that the corruption that this activism exposed is not forgotten; please call Macomb County Sheriff’s Office at (586) 469-5151 and tell them that deputies Kato, Reed, and Jankowski probably have better things to do than harass innocent photographer activists. The unidentified LEO activist took a great risk in exposing this corruption, which he knew existed. It is rare to see cops using such hardcore activism tactics to show what a dilapidated state our so-called “freedom” is in.

A New Age of YouTube Liberty Activism

Good evening.

I greet you all warmly, and I hope that you all are well.

The world we live in is constantly changing. We all see changes, and we express ourselves regarding what changes we object to. This is an undervalued human right, and is protected in the United States by the First Amendment of our Constitution. There are many people who object to the directions that our planet’s societies take from time to time. There are people who protest the abortion of unborn fetuses. There are citizens who work to protect the Earth’s environment. There are millions who protest governments sending armies to fight each other. There are droves who want less restricted gun rights. There are those who are activists for religious freedom, and there are more and more beyond.

We are none of the above.

We, the new, are human rights activists. We are civil rights protestors. We are the resistance’s online newspaper. We do everything we can to fight for liberty, guided by the Non-Aggression Principle, for literally everyone. Human rights have no borders, and WE ALL should be free. It is critical that WE ALL unite for EVERYONE’s freedom. Your liberty should be just as bountiful and unwavering as the starving child in Uganda; the ex-convict’s freedom the same as the CEO. Any given black male in America who drives a rusty Ford Pinto should be just as free as the racist white man who is chauffeured in his Bentley, and everything vice-versa.


The key to freedom is not equal opportunity, equal standard of living, or even equal treatment under law: the key to freedom is the idea that each and every human has equal authority over each other. That is to say, since everyone has equal authority over each other, no one has authority, and every human interaction must necessarily be voluntary.

This is a fight that has no winners, except for our entire species. I believe that we, as the innovative beings we are, have the ability to evolve beyond the need for petty rule by a distant government; I hope you believe we can too.

OK, since more than likely everyone who finds freedom to be disgusting has perished from the previous words or simply closed this page by now, we can really get down to business.


Our new website,, is a homepage stuffed with the latest videos from liberty activists across the globe. We have temporarily selected 18 YouTube channels to be featured; you will likely recognize HonorYourOath, Kory Watkins, Adam Kokesh, Cop Block, and Photography is Not a Crime. There are other channels you might not be familiar with, such as Bunny Boots Inc, Jackson Cop Block, and Mike Blue Hair. We are in the process of selecting which final 30 channels will be featured on the homepage, and we are asking for the best YouTube liberty activists to join. The LibertyIsForEveryone network will engage more cross-traffic between YouTube channels; that is to say, we will all learn more and reach more of the sheeple faster when we work together, freely share content, and promote each other. If you are interested as a channel owner, please email or visit our Contact Us page.


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Our freedom is taken every day; please do your best to not delay.

Open Carriers Protesting Open Carriers Over Islam

This weekend, October 9th, 10th, and 11th, has had a multitude of protests across the country at various mosques. Many rational, smart, confused people organized these events; they were so disgruntled with the little freedom they have slipping away that they blame precisely who we’ve been conditioned to blame since the 9/11 false flag in 2001. Muslims are not dangerous people, and radical Islam is a whole ‘nother fringe group that doesn’t reflect arabs and muslims. These protesters came armed, burned muslim scripture, and made a statement.

We attended the protest in Dearborn, MI; supposedly the largest arab population outside of the middle east resides in this Detroit suburb. The statist paranoia was evident; dozens of police ensured that the six anti-islam protesters were separated from the crowd of loud hippie counter-protesters. The crowd bullhorned the small group of islamophobes constantly, repeating cliche chants that accused the anti-islam protesters of being facists and such.

We had to break up this ridiculous two-sided mockery of insight. The stupid hippie counter-protesters were uninformed, annoying, and some were slightly violent (even though we were also protesting the islamophobes, one threw a full water bottle at one of us from a moving vehicle on the adjacent U.S. highway). The stupid islamophobe protesters were much better behaved, but were obviously stirring up religious hate because they’ve been conditioned to do so by our favorite mainstream news channels. We broke the entire thing into a harder picture to understand, prima facie.


When we arrived, looking exactly as you see us above, the media swarmed us. The armed men who seemed to support the local muslim population did not fit into the two-sided protest that everyone had expected.

Anti-Muslim activists were not the only protesters with rifles at the library on Saturday. Three white armed men were carrying signs in support of the Muslim community.

“It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, or by what name you call God, or even if you believe in God, freedom is for everyone,” one of the armed protesters outside the barricaded area said. 

-Arab American News


Several of the counter-protesters carried guns, but said they didn’t support an anti-Islamic message. Rekab Semaj, 23, of Oakland County, carried an AK-47, which he said was loaded.

“Just because I’m a gun owner doesn’t mean I’m Islamaphobic,” Semaj said. “Liberty is for everyone.

“Freedom has no borders and human rights are not determined by religion. I am pro-freedom.”

  -Detroit News


The anti-Islam protesters, who support open-carry rights, were met with two groups who opposed their message: members with a communist group and supporters of open-carry who said they wanted to express solidarity with Muslims.

The open-carry group that supported Muslims said it wanted to send a message that open-carry proponents are not bigots. One couple from Cadillac who support gun rights but opposed the anti-Islam message had guns colored red,white and blue along with patriotic shirts colored the same way, like an American flag.

“I’m here today to protest the Islamophobic protesters that are here bearing arms,” said Rekab Semaj of Oakland County, with an AK47 rifle slung over his shoulder and a sign reading “Muslims Deserve Freedom.”

“My message is that liberty is for everyone, that liberty has no borders … Just because someone is of a certain religion does not mean they are dangerous. Just because the fact I’m a gun owner, does not mean I am inherently dangerous.”

-Detroit Free Press


There was a three man contingency of human rights activists carrying their own assault rifles who joined the counter-protest in defense of the People’s Second Amendment right to bear arms as well as their First Amendment rights of expression and religion.

-Revolution News

Your Typical Dumb, Arrogant Cop: A Case Study

The following is a case study of one particular example of “your typical dumb, arrogant cop:” Deputy John Kress of Oakland County Sheriff’s Department in Pontiac, Michigan. Although this officer is unique, he is a prime example of law enforcement officers who are too stupid to care if they break the law. However, I think that Kress is probably not the type to fire at unarmed black men as they are running away, but I think he easily fits the definition of “bad cop.” He is a prime example of what your friendly neighborhood cop is like a great deal of the time.

By and large, Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputies aren’t that bad. There are plenty to be seen on YouTube, and I can say there are some pretty damn near flawless cops who are OCSD. However, there are many who shouldn’t be there. This is not surprising, as our PLANET is crawling with police who use coercion and enforce unjust laws. Even the “good” cops are guilty of this, and really can’t be honestly called “good cops”. I have another post when an Oakland County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled his gun on me when I confronted him about the multiple traffic infractions he had just committed. Again, by and large, OCSD is not all that bad for a law enforcement agency.

On May 27th, 2014, OCSD was operating a seatbelt sting in Orion Township, MI. Checkpoints are illegal in the state of Michigan, so one sentry deputy watched traffic on one side of the road. He would radio the other dozen or so deputies which vehicles in the two southbound lanes of traffic had front seat passengers and drivers not wearing their seatbelts. What this amounts to, of course, is taxation at gunpoint. Who is the victim if you do not wear your seatbelt? It is yourself, and you have the liberty to make that decision. The government enforcing a regulation to wear seatbelts may or may not have positive outcomes for fatality rates in motor vehicle collisions, but it most certainly helps line the pockets of those who would oppress us.

A passenger in a southbound vehicle raised her middle finger to about nine OCSD vehicles parked on the west side of the road, prepared to pull over any vehicle that the sentry deputy says to. One “hero” deputy decided to pursue this vehicle, and initiate a traffic stop (under threat of violence if the driver did not comply with the illegal stop). You see, a law enforcement officer must have seen a civil infraction occur, or must have reasonable suspicion based on articulable facts that a crime has taken place to stop any vehicle. This is Cop 101 stuff, folks.

Deputy John Kress was the driver of this particular marked Chevy Tahoe owned by Oakland County Sheriff’s Office that stopped the vehicle with the passenger who disrespected them. He immediately calls for backup, upon learning from the driver that two of the three occupants were doubly armed with pistols and accompanying licenses. He initiates what we call a “Terry Stop” or a “Terry Frisk”, named after the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio. A Terry Stop is where a law enforcement officer detains, searches, and/or frisks a person for weapons IF and ONLY IF the law enforcement officer has (again) reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed. Deputies Kress and Kershaw begin searching the vehicle, the clothing of the occupants, and their effects. The firearms were seized, the law (again) mandating that law enforcement officers first have reasonable suspicion of a crime. The driver demanded that Deputy Kress explain why his vehicle was stopped, and why they were being searched and seized under the Fourth Amendment. Deputy Kress replied very clearly, “Ask your passenger.”

Whoa, hold on a minute. Was he referring to the uninvolved backseat passenger who was just frisked without consent, or the front seat passenger who exercised her First Amendment right to raise her middle finger to the deputies involved in the unethical seatbelt sting? Now, we can make some intelligent ethical arguments about proper conduct for a lady. The important fact of the matter is that these policy enforcers were taxing people, under threat of violence, for making a personal choice that should be left unmolested by government intervention.

The driver demanded, again, for clarification on why they were stopped. Kress repeated, angrily, “I said, ask your passenger!” The driver explained that the U.S Supreme Court, several U.S. Appellate Courts, and the Supreme Court of Michigan have all established and maintained that the front seat passenger’s actions were perfectly legal.


A long pause ensued, while Kress came to the realization of the illegal stop he had just made.

The driver prompted Kress again (third time’s the charm) for his reasoning behind his thus-far illegal and lawsuit-worthy kidnapping of these three people. Kress shook his brain, deep in thought, and decided on “careless driving.” Apparently, like a time portal from three minutes before opened up, Deputy Kress declared that the driver has almost rear-ended somebody while stopping the car as Kress’s vehicle approached.

“Careless Driving” is not a crime, and therefore renders the illegal searching and seizing illegal even if it wasn’t a lie. “Careless Driving” is a civil infraction of the Motor Vehicle Code, and only applies to Motor Vehicles as defined by the U.S. Code (of which the detained vehicle was not, because it was not being used for commercial purposes at that time). Even so, the driver pointed out the obvious dashcams covering every angle of his vehicle, including the ridiculously obvious “Audio and Video Surveillance in Progress” stickers on the front two windows. Just like every other dumb low-level oppressor, once he or she runs out of catchphrases to quote from their training, they tell the detainees to sit tight while some other idiot on the radio helps Kress play damage control with the mess he just made.

Kress went back to his vehicle and mulled over the predicament he was now in with his fellow deputies on the radio. “I hope [the vehicle occupants] have warrants [so we could arrest them]” was a gem pulled off of the audio recording of the dashcam sitting right in front of Kress as he said it. He was so desperate to cover up his blunder that he was formulating a plan to continue to arrest the occupants, even under the pretext of a stop he knew was illegal. He eventually was told by his superiors over the radio to let the detainees go as soon as possible, and he returned their property to them. He threatened to write a letter to the local gun board, in an effort to get their mandatory-issue concealed carry licenses revoked.

Eh, it was all blown smoke. The vehicle occupants were not falsely ticketed or arrested, and Deputy John Kress was quietly reprimanded given the overwhelming evidence caught on camera. Maybe Kress learned something, and we should all just be glad that his devotion to taxation under threat of violence using the Motor Vehicle Code didn’t get anybody killed.

At least, not that week.

Only a couple weeks later, Kress was involved in another traffic stop. This time, a Camaro heading south on Baldwin in Pontiac, Michigan did not use its turn signal while turning right onto another street, from the right-turn lane, while all the lights were green. This microscopic (and completely meaningless in the current weekend 5:00 A.M. traffic situation anyways) infraction was the perfect Motor Vehicle Code violation from which he could extract a tax from this driver. The difference was that this driver did not want to have his money stolen from him at gunpoint, and Kress refused to let him get away. The passenger of the Camaro, a 22-year old Brandee Herritt, was killed in the chase. She was in my high school class.

I guess old habits die hard, eh John Kress?