REBUTTAL: If you want to protect so badly, join the military

You know the drill… saw something in a conversation thread that got me fired up. This was in relation to someone suggesting an Open Carry walk in Menasha, WI

As is my style… a point for point response:

“The most powerful weapon someone can own is their brain…. a gun wont always protect you.”

–True, but your brain won’t always protect you either. You can use your brain all day to figure out how to fix a car or build a house too, but without the right tools for the job you won’t be getting very far.

“I understand you are all fighting for your rights to carry… I do respect that. I dont believe any of you would do anything like that… but in doing that… you gotta at least see… you also fighting for the right for people who would or WILL do something like that.”

–Not so… you see, people DO NOT HAVE a right to do that. Someone in that mindset will not be affected by laws or rights, only by what their mind is set upon. The only ones affected by such things are the law-abiding. Everyone has a right to carry a firearm for self defense. NOBODY has a right to be the harmful aggressor.

“If all people were like you… there would be no need for guns, but they arent. It does add fuel to the flame.”

–What flame? If people can’t understand that water is not flammable, then they are the ones with a serious problem. An armed good guy is not adding fuel to an armed bad guy’s flame. It is adding water. It might not put the fire out, but it will hopefully keep it at bay long enough to save some people.

“Other countries have stricter rules.. and they dont have all these shootings we have. Its sad.”

–They do, however, have much higher rates of violent crime than we do per capita typically. I’ll cite some examples after you do.

“Now none are you are even gonna listen to me, and I am most likely wasting my breath….”

–I’m responding point-for-point, so hopefully the fact that I’ve listened to you isn’t lost in the fray…

“I was just saying dont rush to parade MENASHA. People are nervous with the recent events. Respect that. Give it more time. People will always be nervous… but that is high there now. You are gonna do it anyway… but even right after a funeral? … just wrong and disrespectful.”

–It’s wrong and disrespectful to cause the funeral in the first place. People who are nervous because of Charles & Friends are nervous for the wrong reasons, and if it takes 10 nervous people to reach one person with the message of liberty it is frankly worth it.

“And People wont complain if u are carrying a gun…. I mean.. its a gun. Guns injure and kill… but I’m sure in their minds stuff is flying.”

–Guns don’t injure and kill. People who wield guns may or may not injure or kill. If a person leaves a gun out on the table and a kid finds it and shoots himself, we blame the gun. If a person leaves a circular saw out on the table and plugged in and a kid cuts himself in half, we blame the parent. Take a second and reflect on why that is. Inanimate objects are only as dangerous as the person wielding them, and no law will influence that person’s mindset.

“If you want to protect so badly.. i’d say join the force or military. Or fight to build a community citizen force…. but guns in individual hands= problems.”

–Join the police and kidnap people at gunpoint for petty bullshit that doesn’t hurt anybody except maybe themselves, and kill them if they resist, occasionally getting lucky with someone who is actually a violent criminal. Or, join the military and go somewhere overseas and kill people for no particularly good reason. Which one of those is really protecting anyone? The police have no duty to protect us, and the military, unless we’re invaded which I find unlikely, is only really protecting our financial interests these days.

“I am done with this… I will let you all come back with your debates… I am not into debates really, just had to say something. And should wait for Menasha… that was really the point.”

–If they wait until people forget about it, if they wait until the media [who isn’t waiting] has had their three weeks to hammer their agendas into people, then they have waited too long.