The Non-Aggression Principle

Many people have asked why we do what we do. When we say we support freedom, confusion sometimes persists. Here is as good of an explanation of what freedom means to me as I can squeeze into a blog post.


Although it has its limitations, as shown here-


the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) is the basic foundation of freedom and liberty. The NAP is the concept that each person’s full control of their private property is the essence of liberty, provided of course that they don’t infringe on the private property rights of others with violence, fraud or theft. This is because such a violation of someone else’s property rights is wrong by definition. Another way to describe this ideology is with the word voluntarism, the idea that all human interaction should be voluntary and free from the threat of violence, theft or fraud unless needed to protect life, safety and property against a wrongful threat. (Laws vary on using force to protect property and we don’t suggest it if lives aren’t on the line. We’re talking terms here, NOT giving you legal advice.)


This means that all theft is wrong, whether shoplifting a pop from a gas station or robbing the cashier with a firearm. This also means that starting a fight just for the fun of it or for any other non-justified reason is wrong. We all know this, and for the very most part, this fundamental belief system is widely held, agreed upon and practiced by people worldwide.


The part that throws people for a loop, however, is when the same system of moral standards is applied to a government. Taxation is done with the understanding that refusing to do so means men in funny-looking costumes and carrying firearms will arrest you and send you to prison or, if you’re inclined to resist further, kill you. Laws against things that harm no one, or perhaps no one other than the voluntary users, are enforced with deadly force. Especially bizarre and misguided from a libertarian’s perspective is when a pro drug legalization person advocates legalizing and taxing drugs, as though the threat of death is just too good to fully let go of, even in an imaginary scenario.


Another example involves genetically modified organism (GMO) food. There is a lot to be said, and a lot of controversy on GMOs. Plenty of information can be found online for free from people with much more knowledge than me, but it is clear that GMO food is designed to kill insects with much the same DNA that we have. The idea that it’s good for us is at best very questionable – which means we basically become a science experiment every time we eat GMO food. Nonetheless, the federal government makes us pay to subsidize this literal poison, and then further forces us pay inflated rates for health care as people who eat these things daily get sick. If this upsets you, as always, you can submit or die.


The same rationale can be applied toward our insanely corrupt banking system, which essentially is a privately run scam that has fully privatized the US dollar, apart from government-issued coins, and we’re almost completely required by law to participate. This scam generates the majority of inflation through a system of indirect counterfeiting known as fractional reserve lending – and it makes bankers very rich, and the rest of the nation ever increasingly poor.


Because it involves such a convoluted web of debt, the mass repayment of debt would worsen, rather than strengthen, the economic situation: the money supply would massively shrink and cause a horrible depression. This is because the money supply is based literally on debt, as shown in the video linked above. Everyone who has student loans, a mortgage payment or pays rent to someone making mortgage payments, a credit card, a car payment, or any other banking institution debt is complicit in this. That would be most of us. The system is so bloated with fake money that massive failure to pay it back results in a crash, as in 2008.


The government doesn’t even print its own money (despite what most people believe). Instead, the government leaves it to the privately owned-and-run Federal Reserve to issue fresh currency; bear in mind, however, that most of the money created in our economy is from debt from other banking institutions. The government is left to borrow what it can’t tax to do everything it feels like doing because they no longer make their own money besides coins. This is definitively insane.


But there are other, better ways to organize our currency.  Fiat currency, the term used to describe a currency backed by nothing, works well if done right, and terribly if done wrong like in our current joke of an economy.  For example, a fiat currency where the government (not banks) prints and spends leads to hyperinflation only in the very most extreme cases. In the times it has been done – for example, the Civil War’s greenbacks and the pre-revolutionary war’s colonial scrip – our nation has had much success with it. An even better example would be the UK’s Tally Sticks due to this system’s longevity and great success.



Since the 2008 crash, the Federal Reserve has been keeping the bubble inflated as best as it can by printing trillions of dollars to give to banks to keep them afloat so that their pretend money inflation/counterfeiting schemes don’t crash. In the process, they take out 401k’s, savings accounts, and other assets people have invested in and the banks have mismanaged. This system is called “quantitative easing” (QE). It would be better called “Fuck You And Your Retirement”. If politicians and their criminal banker counterparts actually wanted to repair the situation, the system could be fixed by outlawing fractional reserve lending, slowly increasing the reserve requirement to 100% and paying off the debt by the government printing off the money to pay for it. This would not cause hyperinflation, because the fractional reserve bubble would deflate gradually rather than burst as the balance was restored. However, very few people understand this, and far fewer still are trying to stop it, so these criminals will continue to get away with it. This scam is by all means as violent, thieving and disgusting of an apparatus as could possibly exist, and it is forced on us by our government.


The NAP explains the fundamental reason why democracy, and its close and overlapping relative collectivism, is evil. When the designated function of government is to use deadly force to inhibit any actions beyond that which the NAP prohibits, what ends up happening is that a (oftentimes slim) majority manages to direct the government to use deadly force against the minority for the very stupidest and most terrible of reasons. Further information about why collectivism is evil can be found in the OC handbook’s epilogue.


There are all kinds of “But what about…?” questions that people naturally raise in response to the idea that the NAP implies that forcible taxation is wrong. What about schools, roads and bridges, fire departments, and so on? Many variations of arguments exist about this. If you’re so inclined, two good and somewhat differing perspectives can be found on Michael Badnairik’s constitutional lecture as well as Adam Kokesh’s book called Freedom, both of which are freely available on youtube. They do a better job than me, so I would suggest looking towards their work if you want further information to help you figure out where you stand on these issues.



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